Marketing 营销推广

I’m committed to presenting your property with the utmost elegance, identifying your target buyer and generation strong exposure to them. I only work with the top tier photography, video production, print and digital marketing companies in order to achieve first-class marketing quality and results.

I am a strong networker and keep in touch with a large diverse client base of both local and Chinese buyers, investors and friends. My listings get an advantage as I’m able to share my properties within my diverse network through various digital and analog channels.


作为本地华人经纪的优异代表,我拥有广泛的社交网络和人脉基础,组织并参与各项慈善 和社交活动,拥有较大的买家客户资源。同时利用本地西人 司的背景和优势,与其他本地经纪、建商及企业家关系良好,能为您提供最优质的房地产及生活服务。

Professional Photography

Best in class photography to enhance your property with eye catching
photos, capturing your home in the best angles and lighting to create beauty and drama.


Dynamic Video Tours

Engaging, storytelling videos walk buyers through your home, highlighting features, views and lifestyle.

量身定制的视频影片,将生活方式和社区面貌呈现给观众,使买家能够真是体验到物业及周边社 区带来的愉悦生活。

Elegant Brochures

12 page luxury quality brochures with beautiful photography, storytelling content writing, floor plans and area information. My brochures let your home stand out from the rest and take a buyer through a real time tour the classic photos.

多达12页的豪华图册,包括美妙照片、清晰户型图、物业特色描述、背景故事和设计理念等内容 。使得买家第一时间获得最有效信息,让您的物业呈现出类拔萃。 


Sophisticated web presence with dual language allows me to showcase your properties in both Chinese and English. My website is completely responsive with all smartphones and tablets to allow the same experience on any device anywhere around the world.

中英双语个人网页,与我的金牌同事团队的网页相呼应。您的物业将出现在多网页,多媒体渠道,最大化曝光率。同时借助顶尖网页推广公司的力量 在本地和国内买家搜索温哥华物业时可以 达到搜索优化。

Social Media

My properties and video tours are shared with my large networks on both Chinese and local social media. I also put advertising campaigns together to boost listings to larger target audiences over Wechat, Instagram and Facebook generating large exposure to my properties.

我代理物业的图片、视频及3D仿真视频将出现在各个网路媒体渠道,包括微信公众号、微 信平台,本地微信推广等。大量的中国买家存于数据库 以帮助您的物业受到广泛关注。同时利用Facebook, Instagram等本地社交媒体渠道,让其他的房产经纪都能看到您的物 业,避免MSL的信息疲劳,能更加吸引买家经纪的注意。

Chinese Marketing

WeChat is the common social network used by Chinese foreigners, many of them live in Vancouver and looking for real estate. I have a strong intimate network over WeChat where I am constantly in touch with various Chinese buyers and investors.

微信作为最有效的中国买家市场推广渠道,我们与多家本地中文媒体合作,可以根据您物 业的潜在买家群体定位来定制推广,更有效获得关注。


Exclusive events partnering with high end catering companies for food, drinks, and luxury automotive brands such as ferrari and lamborghini to create a luxurious experience for clients and agents.

举办高端物业推广活动是我们的另一大特色方式之一。通过与豪华车商、珠宝商及其他商 家的密切合作,我们举办VIP特色晚会和活动,增加媒体 道 提供美食与酒水,让更多 潜在买家及买家经纪人享受愉悦地参观体验。

Direct Mail

Geo targeted flyer mailout to specific areas puts your listing into the hands potential buyers.


Email Distribution

I have a large email subscriber list of realtors, clients and investors. I send custom emails with written content, photographs and videos of upcoming listings and market news to my network.

利用庞大客户和经纪人的信息数据库优势,定期发送电子邮件信息更新,包括发送最新市场数据,新盘推送等,使得您的物业能够有效获得更多的 注。