Meet Alfie

Meet Alfie

Real Estate Investment Advisor, Negotiation Expert 

温哥华房产咨询 投资置业商业项目专家

With a background in education entrepreneurship, providing excellent service to my clients has always been essential to my business. After gaining a Masters Degree in Education, I returned to China and worked as a senior manager in education training for a top ESL corporation. I designed and drove English training programs for senior directors in the largest tech companies in Shenzhen, a hub city for successful global Chinese such as Huawei and Tencent. This allowed me to develop important skills, enabling sophisticated entrepreneur Chinese people to effectively grow their businesses. Continued by founding my own company, “New Yorker English Academy” based in China. It provides English training to children (with 1000+ enrolled) under the K12 curriculum, offering a happy and effective learning environment.

After my achievement in education entrepreneurship, I have also succeeded in the real estate business, becoming a top Realtor in Vancouver and growing a team with former brokerage Angell Hasman & Associates, currently with the dynamic cloud-based real estate agency eXp Realty (Nasdaq:EXPI). I have marketed and sold numerous luxury properties in West Vancouver, Vancouver West, and North Vancouver ranging in value from half to 15 million CAD - which established an investment network, including Chinese and domestic investors and sellers. Adept at using social media and marketing, I am able to run highly effective campaigns in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English; offering a top tier and innovative marketing service.

My philosophy is to offer a sincere, intelligent, and well-informed service to ensure that each client has the best possible experience in reaching their Real Estate goals. My approach uses innovative marketing solutions to present your property and effectively promote it to a domestic and overseas Chinese market. I understand both eastern and western Real Estate business practices and I am able to work with clients matching their requirements to those of the market.


Alfie Yang 杨琼是温哥华顶尖豪宅地产公司一名优异经纪,具备了从事房地产服务行业的独特敏锐眼光、透彻的分析精神和充满激情的工作态度。她最关注的是有效的沟通和尽全力满足客户的需求。 通过专业精湛的知识和丰富的交易经验,无论您在出售物业,或帮助您购买自住及投资物业的过程中,都能提供真诚、巧妙和翔实的服务。

凭借多年的坚实生意背景,Alfie 在谈判、商业推广以及综合的网络营销方面拥有丰富的经验。 凭借高专业度、契而不舍和追求卓越细节服务的精神,Alfie 在豪华房地产和商业地产投资方面表现尤其突出。她专注服务于温哥华西区、温哥华Downtown,和西温北温等区域,建立了强大的本地关系网络,通过与华人圈和本地西人群体的连接,将多样化的市场推广方案高效运用到其代理的每一个物业和投资过程中。

“我相信‘优异服务、终身服务’。我的目标就是通过熟练经验和专业眼光,帮助最优化您的资产投资。”  Alfie 杨琼


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Stuff people say about me you might want to know about.

We were so happy to work with Alfie. She is professional, super kind and hard working. All my family members loved her. We trust the real estate decisions she helped us to make.


- Winnie


- Wenxi Liu

When we first decided to move in West Vancouver we got to know Alfie. She helped us to find a beautiful new home here also introduced us to the north shore Chinese community. We were impressed by her knowledge in real estate and beyond. Thanks to her.


- Angela